Product Reqs

Here are a list of products or websites I use and recommend. This list does contain some affiliate links to help pay for my website. Please note that I’ve used most of these products and really love them enough to recommend them to my fellow quilters.

AccuQuilt is one of my all-time favorite products to use for cutting out quilt pieces. Because I have strength issues with my right arm, this tool helps me get things done and get them done fast and accurate without having to deal with so much pain by rotary cutting. If you want to check it out for yourself, click here: AccuQuilt. My biggest tip is to get the strip dies! You can sub-cut them into squares, rectangles and 30 60 and 90 degree angles. They are my favorite dies!!

Longarm League is a paid membership group where longarmers get together and learn from each other about the business of longarm quilting. Most of the members are computerized, but some aren’t. I didn’t even have my longarm when I signed up! I find this group to be a wealth of information and I’m sure you will too! Membership sign ups are limited. The next sign up time is May 11-13. You can sign up here:

Urban Elementz is a great place to find digital quilting designs! If you want something a bit different on your quilt you may just find it here at Urban Elementz. If you find the PERFECT quilting design for a quilt top you are sending in for quilting, just let me know on the intake form and I can purchase it for you! You may just find something else you like there too, as they have applique and embroidery designs as well. Click here to search for that perfect design!