About Me

My husband likes to say, “Everyone has a story!” I didn’t really appreciate that right off the bat, but as I’ve matured in years and understand the importance of a person’s story, it has become so central to all I do.

I’m Jill Rains and I’m a longarm quilter and I’m so glad to see you!

How did I become a longarm quilter, you may be wondering. Well, it’s been a journey, that’s for sure!

My love for sewing started by watching my mother, really. I never appreciated it at first because she did so much of it that it was just “normal.” I mean, didn’t everyone else’s mom make cheerleading skirts, outfits, prom dresses, halloween costumes and wedding dresses? She taught me to sew at age 15, and even though I put the pockets on those shorts inside out, she also taught me the power of the seam ripper!

My paternal grandmother made a quilt for each of my kids, and my maternal great great grandmother made some that are still in the family, but I never remember my mother making one. That is, until we found one she was making for my daughter after my mother passed away in 2012.

THAT quilt started me on a journey to quilt making. I just HAD to finish it and I wanted to finish it well. I learned what makes a good 1/4″ seam or even better, a scant 1/4″ (which was new to me as I was a garment maker and 5/8″ was the norm). I learned free-motion quilting – and loved that! (Thanks Angela Walters!) I got to practice quilt making on my grandkids, but an injury that continues to plague me for the last 3 years pushed me to want to get a longarm. A quick road trip from GA to NM and back with my husband and son for their company and muscle, and my new (to me) APQS Millie with an Intelliquilter computerized system is home.  It is helping me finish quilts like my grandmothers did before me, but faster!! I LOVE that I can finish a quilt so quickly and beautifully now!

So, combine my love for a good story, a good quilt and a job well done and here I am, at your service. My desire is to help you complete that wonderful quilt you put all that time and effort into with a wonderful digital edge to edge quilting design.  Every quilt has a story, let me help you tell yours!