Gail’s T-Shirt Quilt

My sewing friend and Realtor, Gail McLain, made this quilt for her sister. It had been a work in progress for awhile and she was planning on finally giving it to her sister when she came to town for Christmas.

The T-shirts were from her sister’s husband who had passed away a year previous, so this would mean a lot to the family. So many great memories of the concerts they attended together. Gail did a great job putting it together! The quilt blocks were nice and stable and quilted out very well.

Close up of the quilting design and special touches Gail added!

I chose the digital panto called Diagonal Plaid, which has a great look for any quilt, but I feel like it’s more on the masculine side of quilting designs.

Diagonal Plaid – A great choice with such great texture!
Watch as the Intelliquilter and APQS Millenium work together to quilt out this fabulous design!

I’d be happy to be a part of your quilt’s story, just like Gail’s sister’s quilt! Let me know if you’re interested by clicking on the Contact page at the top for general questions, or the Quilting Services page if you’re ready to send me your quilt top!

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